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Mass arrests in new Harare blitz
October 3, 2005

Zimbabweans evicted from their homes
Many of those whose homes were demolished have received little help
More than 14,000 people have been arrested in Zimbabwe's capital in the past two weeks in a new police crackdown, state media reports.

They are mostly petty traders, street children and illegal currency and fuel dealers, police say.

The police say the operation is designed to stop people returning to central Harare.

Earlier this year, some 700,000 people were left without jobs or homes, the UN said, condemning the operation.

The government said it was an attempt to clean up Zimbabwe's cities, demolish illegal homes and stamp out the black market.

The opposition said its urban supporters were unfairly targeted and those affected were not given enough warning.

"[The latest drive, dubbed Operation Siyapambili/Hatidzokereshure - No Going Back] aims to make follow-ups to monitor the city so that we deal with any of those who are returning to the city and conducting shady dealings," police spokesperson Loveless Rupere told the Herald newspaper.


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