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Katima Political party hopes to stand for Regional Election (2004-07-28)
July 28, 2004
By Staff Reporter

NEWLY Local political party, Katima Alliance Development Association (KADA) which just lost the Local Authority elections in May in Katima Mulilo, would now step to field its Candidate in the Regional Elections marked for November this year.

Its founding Chairperson, Benson Kaapala disclosed that his party will find other steps to contest in the regional basis election, though he says the electoral Act and its party Manifesto states the movement to qualify for the Local Authority election only.Kaapala laments “They might be some mechanism in place but at this time it will be premature for us to disclose”In the previous Local Authority election KADA scored 354 votes which was seven (7) percent with no seat, Republican Party got 364 votes (1) seat ,CoD 700 votes one ( 1) seat while SWAPO obtained 3000 votes for (5) seats.
birth was short before it went for election” he says.
The Association intends to work as a watchdog for the Katima Mulilo Town Council. To advocate for the irregularities and to give civic education to the residents of the town.
“Being democratic is only the election process and it is good for a person to make implementation” Says Kaapala.He however, warns that “We want people of Caprivi to speak out , the are many issues which they need to talk about, for example Secessionists Attack on 2 August 1999 people should not keep quiet they should talk about it”

Source: Caprivi Vision

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