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Meatco's Katima abattoir shuts
August 2, 2004

THE Katima Mulilo Abattoir, which has seen a critical decrease in slaughter numbers, will be shut down from August to October to save costs.

According to a press release from Meatco last week, the temporary closure of the abattoir was necessitated by low throughput since the start of the year.

All stakeholders in the region have accepted the temporary closure.

The statement said the Katima abattoir had slaughtered a total number of 4 285 cattle since the beginning of February this year, which is 185 more than was expected but is still much lower than what is needed to break even.

The Meatco Procurement Department in Katima Mulilo has held meetings with various stakeholders in the Katima region and was advised that farmers would not be supplying the abattoir with cattle during the months of August, September and October.

Farmers are getting ready to harvest produce and cattle farming has thus a lower priority.

The first slaughtering date after the shutdown has been scheduled for October 25 as the first intake for cattle into the quarantine camps in the Katima region has been arranged for October 4 2004.

Source: The Namibian News Paper

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