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BDP council candidate calls on others to draw inspiration from Khama victory
October 15, 2004
15 October, 2004

PALAPYE - Failure by opposition parties to challenge BDP chairperson Seretse Khama Ian Khama for the Serowe North West seat has been described as a motivating factor for his party.

Opelo Modimooaitse, a BDP council candidate for Matolwane Ward in the Tswapong North constituency, said the fact that Khama was already unopposed "is a harbinger for good fortunes for the party in the coming election".

Speaking at a political rally at Matolwane on Tuesday, he called on BDP candidates throughout the country to draw inspiration from the victory "which has come the way of the party even before the battle has begun".

"The chickening out by the opposition parties in the race for the Serowe North West constituency, is a reflection of the weakness of the opposition parties in Botswana," said Modimooaitse.

He accused opposition parties of failing to draw up a shadow budget at the beginning of every fiscal year to give Batswana a glimpse of how they would use the nation's cash resources.

Parliamentary candidate for the area Thebe Mogami called on the electorate to once again vote the BDP into power so that "we can bring to completion what we had started".

He credited the BDP government for the peace and tranquillity prevailing in Botswana.

The peace and tranquillity obtaining in the country, he said has served as an example to the rest of the continent which had not embraced the principle of democracy.

"We have set a pace in the region and it is not surprising that many nations in the Southern African region will be going to the polls before the end of the year. Many of them learnt from us the value of going to the polls and graciously accepting the out come of such elections," he said.

Mogami advised constituents to vote for him together with the rest of the BDP council candidates as "it would not be a wise thing to send me to parliament, accompanied by a councillor from the opposition party.

"It would be difficult to work with such a councillor. You need a BDP MP together with BDP councillors."


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