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Seasonal Festivities and New Year Greetings
December 24, 2021
Seasonal Festivities and New Year greetings to all people of the Caprivi Strip at home and the diaspora. We look back to the past years as what happened to our freedom train/boat. We managed to survive physically and politically due to our determination and dedication to freedom and independence of our motherland the Caprivi Strip.

Yesterday years we were betrayed by Botswana, when Botswana made an agreement with the corrupt illegal foreign occupation regime of Namibia to alter the Caprivi Strip border with Botswana without consent and involvement of the Caprivi Strip people and against the advice of the African Commission for human rights and political rights. We say to the people you stay united and never allow the illegal corrupt foreign occupation regime play the old colonial tricks of divide and rule. United we Stand and Divided we fall.

During the same Yester years Botswana revoked the refugee status of the Caprivi Strip people who were granted political refugee status. The Botswana authority then connived with the illegal corrupt foreign occupation regime of Namibia to deport back all Caprivians who were residents in Dukwi refugee camp to the Caprivi Strip at gun point transported in Cattle trucks. Six Caprivians were left behind in Francis Town detention camp and are still there suffering. We appeal to all peace loving organisations and countries to help rescue our colleagues. They committed no crime save for being Caprivians wanting freedom and independence of their Country the Caprivi Strip.

Many a time we warned Botswana authority not to be too friendly with the illegal foreign occupation regime of Namibia, today Botswana has soiled itself as corrupt, undemocratic and inhumane, the description of the illegal foreign occupation regime of Namibia. They say birds of same feathers flock together. We saw the interviews of the former president of Botswana Ian Khama talk about the lack of respect for human rights, rule of law and corruption. It was during his term of office when the refugee status of the Caprivians were rescinded and many Caprivians were handed over to the illegal foreign occupation of Namibia. Many have died in Namibia dungeon prisons and others who survived are still there without trial. We again appeal to the governments of Britain and Germany to help in finding and resolving the Caprivi Strip colonial mess created by their Empires. Caprivi Strip is a country inhabited by Human beings who want FREEDOM and Independence.

Last year and this year there has been a spike in the murder of Caprivians by the trigger happy Botswana forces. The illegal foreign occupation regime of Namibia meanwhile has turned the Caprivi Strip into a gangster land where people get killed and no answer as to who is carrying out the senseless murders. It's reported that many are carried out by political and criminal mafia.

A day or so ago we learnt about the continuous suffering of our colleagues in the dungeon prisons of Namibia. They have been there for over twenty years without proper trail save for being paraded in front of the bribe receiver and corrupt judges by the so called kangaroo Court prosecutor.

We appeal to human rights organisation and countries to help the people of the Caprivi Strip to be free from the new undemocratic and black Kaisers now in Germany South West Africa (Namibia). To want FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE is human rights.

Caprivi Strip is, was, never has been and never will be part of Germany South West Africa (Namibia).

Last and not least we appeal and ask all Caprivians to be UNITED.


We ask all to celebrate with care of each other and have a Prosperous NEW YEAR 2022!!

Mishake Muyongo
United Democratic Party (UDP)

Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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