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Message for the Festive Season
December 25, 2020

Message for the Festive Season.

It is during this time of the year that we take stock of our country and people.
Many people the world over are joyfully celebrating the end of 2020 though the coronavirus pandemic cloud hang over every country including the origin China.

The people of the Caprivi Strip have more than the coronavirus pandemic to fear and worry about.
We have lived under Namibia's bribery and corrupt regime for 30years. We have seen our brothers and sisters and fathers been arrested, tortured, disappear and eventually killed by the Namibia's Gestapo police and trigger happy army.

Today in the Caprivi Strip one member of the same family is used as an informer.
Country men and women the Namibia regime is playing the same old colonial tactics of divide and Rule. We are one big family in the Caprivi Strip,we share everything and are from the same origin. Nothing divides us but the colonial regime of Namibia.
Caprivi Strip had a good small but strong economy during the days of the white racist colonial regime. Now the Caprivi Strip is but primitive land inhabited by people who are being used by the Namibia's bribery and corrupt regime as political cannon fodders to get elected to any office including the highest office in Namibia. Country men and women let us keep our pride as Caprivians in unity. United we stand against the colonial regime the stronger shall we be together. divided we fall and no country will respect and trust us.

The recent past killing of our brothers and consequently their mother by the Botswana trigger happy army was carried out on the Caprivian side not Botswana. The Namibia Army was celebrating the killing of our three brothers who were fishing in the Caprivi Strip waters. What does that mean to us, that they acted together or were in agreement with the killing of our brothers?
We mourned.together as Caprivians and shall continue to miss them.
We call on Botswana to behave like a good and responsible neighbours as CAPRIVI STRIP and Botswana have many faces of life in Common and the border is with the Caprivi Strip not Namibia. Botswana remember the old days when Botswana was invaded who rescued Botswana from the jaws of the invading army. "The people of the Caprivi Strip".

We thank the people of the Caprivi Strip for the small step taken during the last time so called regional and municipal exercise (election) by rejecting the political worm (swapo) that has eaten away the basic human fabric of the Caprivi Strip. We hope that next time all the remaining tentacles of this deadly political and malicious outfit shall be completely removed from our society and country.

To all Caprivians allow me to appeal to you at this period in time to be United and Focused on the Caprivian issue as One Nation and People.
Celebrating for the end of the year 2020 and the coming year 2021 be responsible and be respectful to one another. One's pain, sorrow and misery of whatever nature should be for all.

We wish everyone in the Caprivi Strip Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

Forward ever Back ward never. We are our own liberators
Mishake MUYONGO.
President of UDP

Source: United Democratic Party - UDP

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