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November 13, 2020

Caprivi Strip people have been Colonized by many different people Whites and Black none can be as savage and brutal as the current Black Hitlers of Germany South West Africa, now called Namibia.
Since the illegal occupation and annexation of the Caprivi Strip the,people have been living the Slave and Master life.
Caprivians are shot and killed at will by the Namibia Gestapo police force and Military force.

We have seen disturbing and heard the murder of our country men at Kasika in the Eastern of the Country whilst fishing in the river that they fished for centuries.
Botswana has linked with the occupation force of Namibia to murder the people of the Caprivi Strip into submission and surrender. We will never never submit or surrender our Country the Caprivi Strip to any foreign colonial Force and its luckies.
We call on Botswana to stop killing Caprivians on the pretex of preventing poaching, Fishing is not poaching.
Botswana must be also reminded that it is the people of the Caprivi Strip that liberated their country from foreign occupation.

The illegal occupation and annexation forces of Namibia are not willing and able to defend the Caprivi Strip, because they are secretly arresting and killing Caprivian people.
CAPRIVI STRIP is, was and will never be part of Germany South West Africa Protectorate.

We have Caprivians now in prison for over twenty years without trial and more than twenty have died in prison by poisoning and those who are still alive are sick due to unhealthy conditions luck of medical care and unhygienic situation as such. It's dire during this period of coronavirus and the combination bribery and corruption taking place in Namibia their survival in Namibia prisons is pretty precarious.

We call upon the Namibia illegal regime to remove itself and it's Gestapo police force and Military force from the Caprivi Strip. The people of the Caprivi Strip are able to defend themselves and their country from foreign forces.
Namibia has no border with Botswana at Kasika, the Caprivi Strip has and Namibia has no border with Botswana at the Kavango delta, the Caprivi Strip has.
We have seen that Namibia has given rights to the Canadian company based in London to search for oil and gas in the Kavango delta. Namibia has been stealing the Caprivi Strip people's natural resources and transport them to China without the knowledge of the people and nothing is done to help in their development. We have seen recently that the people living in Katima Mulilo area drink muddy water and some school children have to carry their chairs to and from school/s and those whose parents can't afford to buy chairs their children squat on the floor school, and yet the loggs of timbers are being sent to China free to pay for Geingob's mafia bribery and corruption scheme.

The natural resources of the Caprivi Strip don't smell like fishrot and the individuals who are bribed are threatened mafia style.
Countrymen and women we have lived under Namibia's illegal occupation, annexation and oppression of torture ,and murder for 30 sorrowful years .
We have participated in so called election for 30 years which have been just a selection process (kamunome)in other words election fraud everytime the winners were known in advance.
I , therefore would like to appeal to all Caprivians to do self retrospection and stop being used as voting materials.
You can decide and you know what is good for you and your family and country the Caprivi Strip.

We as Caprivians have always feeling for one another. We are from one ancestry. An injury to one has been an injury to all of us. Sorrow to one has been Sorrow to all of us.
Here we are the murder by Botswana or Namibia of our brothers
Should be therefore be taken as murder to us all.

We are our own liberators.

Forward ever Backward never.

President UDP.

Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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