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Remembering the 2nd August. 1999
August 2, 2020

Remembering the 2nd August. 1999

Countrymen and women let everyone not to forget this very important date in our lives and recall how many Caprivians were murdered and buried in mass graves .

Caprivi Strip is,was and will not be part of the illegal regime of Namibia.

We are in the struggle for our land the Caprivi Strip and for our Freedom and Independence . Our country was illegally occupied and annexed by the illegal regime of Namibia.

The Caprivi Strip has seen colonialism of the British, Germany and the racist white regime of then South Africa, all were White people and tried to leave behind some things that are really worth the mention of having been in the Caprivi Strip.

The present illegal Black colonialism of Namibia is set to destroy and wipe off the Caprivi Strip and the people from the face of the Earth.

Since the 2nd of August 1999, 22 Caprivians have died in Namibia prisons under suspect circumstances we know that they have been murdered and many remain in prison without trial and many have been exposed to some deadly sicknesses and have no proper medical facilities.

Torwards the end of last year we lost the Vice president of the United Democratic Party (UDP) Mr Alfred Tawana whilst in prison.

It is also torwards the end of last year that our colleagues who were in Dukwi Refugee Camp were taken at gunpoint by the Botswana Authority back to the Caprivi Strip in Cattle Trucks it was the same time that the illegal regime of Namibia under President Geingob had lied that the Deportees will be allowed their politics in the Caprivi Strip. Today we know that immediately after their arrival in the Caprivi Strip were told no meeting of more than 5 people if found will be shot and we're to park their cars those who have and cars have been parked since September 2019 exposed to the risks of the weather ( cars are detained also)?

The Caprivi Strip is being used to get timber and other natural resources and transport them to China without any paperwork of how many and what is the volume even where the resources are from and how much they cost . The white illegal colonialism built work shops that produced e.g. furniture of any type including school chairs and desks and others were. sold locally and others to other countries in neighbourhood.

The illegal regime of Namibia destroyed all facilities and today Caprivian School Children have to buy chairs to sit on and carry them to and from school. Next time the Caprivi Strip Child will also have to buy desks if they have to attend school

The illegal regime of Namibia has introduced bribery and corruption amongst the Caprivians. The so-called heads of community are nothing but sellers of drugs and poachers.

Some are promised jobs that never happen others are put on swapo list for parliament in return for for being pleasure workers (in case of women) and member of swapo.

Country people I know and understand the situation now in the Caprivi Strip, people are mentally politically and economically oppressed and discriminated. I appeal to all Caprivians to work and unite it's in Unity that we are strong and focused and divided we are weak and the illegal occupation and annexation is prolonged so is the suffering and murders.

The murderous illegal regime of Namibia is corrupt run by a mob of political Mafias. Imagine country people a head of country and government swindling his country and people and the person is a national of the same country and people. There is only one word for such a person ""Thief"".

We are our own liberators.

Forward ever Backward never.

Mishake Muyongo

President of the UDP of the Caprivi Strip+

Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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