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Press Statement
July 8, 2020
Press Statement.

The illegally annexed and occupied by the Namibia regime.

The Caprivi Strip.

During the Coronavirus lock-down a clip appeared on the net in which Mr Geingob the Namibia President was quoted saying that the "majority of the people in the Caprivi Strip do not want a Referendum" just after the so-called election last year. Once again he lies about the Caprivi Strip case. There were 45000 people in the Caprivi Strip who cared to register and only 8000 voted and not all voted swapo.or for Geingob .
The figures and cheap talk that the Caprivians made him win is nothing but a big lie and cheap political deceit that he is known for.

We are asking Mr Geingob to do the correct things that should lead to freedom and Independence of the Caprivi Strip. The issue of the Caprivi Strip needs NO PROPAGANDA, its a straight forward political case which requires a political settlement, period.

1. Release all Caprivi Strip prisoners,
2. Refer the Caprivi Strip case to the United Nations for a peaceful resolution.
3. Stop playing clever when the Caprivi Strip and its people are held at gunpoint , oppressed and denied their basic Human Rights and Freedoms.
4. Stop corrupting the people of the Caprivi Strip.
5. Stop looting the Caprivi Strip natural resources.
6. Stop the immoral exploitation of the Caprivi Strip people by offering jobs including being members of parliament in return for being "yoga". human mats.

Corruption is a leadership sickness and has been cemented in Namibia by the so-called election of Mr Geingob, which we believe has been based on corruption and bribery. The present fish scandal is just a scratch of the wound. Juniors like the ministers now in prison are just scapegoats and were just playing monkey see monkey do.

We continue to appeal to Britain and Germany to come to the rescue of the people of the Caprivi Strip, as we strongly believe that the past colonial. footprints have not been cleared.

Last but not least we appeal to all peace loving people and Countries to help the people of the Caprivi Strip those in prison in Namibia and Botswana.

Caprivi Strip is was and will not be part of Namibia.

Forward ever Backward never.

Mishake Muyongo
President of the UDP

Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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