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Press statement
January 1, 2020
Press statement.

The immediate and close surrounding people and area have immerse influence on the upbringing and finally the type of person an individual turns out to be. Hage Geingob is not only a pathological liar but also a very dangerous human being, whose continuous play in the leadership role will in very near future prove to be very harmful to the country Namibia and society at large but also to himself.

Please click on YouTube and view the video about him. He is saying in the video” that great people were born in August year and he was born in that year”. Let everyone who will view this video think about the person and state of mind.
It is reported that he said that, ”three quarters of the Caprivians do not want a referendum” What a lie'! One would hope that he is not going to lie about his own funeral. The people of the Caprivi Strip are not Namibians at will but at gun point. The people of the Caprivi Strip are every day told to support and vote Geingob and Swapo using Mafia style tactics e.g. no food for 5years for drought relief, mother nature is helping Swapo and Geingob to punish the people of the Caprivi for not being Namibians, no pension money for the elderly and for those who may retire their retirement money will be confiscated if they don't support or vote Swapo. The Caprivi Strip have been turned into the Sicilian like country where Geingob and Swapo political mafia operates. The Caprivian people are controlled by the Swapo mafia similar to the Italian mafia that operates on the island of Sicily where guns are held at their heads and obliged to stretch their hands as beggars for mercy for their survival in their own land. Caprivians are being forced to accept or call themselves Namibians if they don’t, they have to count their days on earth.

On the 8th November 2019 a minister in Geingob's mafia government who happens to be a Caprivian by the name of Kawana travelled to chichimani village together with the governor of the Caprivi Lawrence Samupofu. Together they had a meeting with the headmen. Kawana told the senior headman” to inform all his other headmen not to allow UDP members from Botswana to have meetings in their areas. If anyone will be found having meetings or gatherings will be shot on the spot, he then said the message was/is a directive order from Geingob”. It is in the same meeting that Samupofu said” he knows how to kill a person”.

Caprivi Strip/Zipfel has never been a Germany colony nor part of the Germany South West Africa. We have and will continue to inform international world at large about the history, culture and languages of the people of the Caprivi Strip. Caprivians are a peace loving people who want to solve the present Caprivi political problem peacefully. However, their peace loving should not be taken for granted because they will leave no stone unturned in the quest for freedom and independence of their motherland, the Caprivi Strip.
Namibia under the leadership of the great cheat Geingob treacherously pressured Botswana Authority to deport all Caprivians who were living in Dukwi and had been granted asylum by Botswana to be deported back to the Caprivi Strip and promised that the deportees will be able to do their political work in the Caprivi Strip.

On arrival the deportees made mention that they were bundled into trucks by force against their will and told that they will discuss their political problem whilst in the Caprivi Strip. The deportees tried to organize a peaceful demonstration in November 2019 in the name of UDP their political party and were stopped by the police, and told” that they were disturbing peace”. The same month of November Geingob travelled to the Caprivi Strip and addressed a public meeting. It is during that public meeting where he said that the UDP members who have been deported from Botswana must not be allowed to have meetings and told the people at the meeting that Caprivi is Namibia. He further said that UDP members should not be allowed to have meetings in the Caprivi.

It is the Mafia style governing tactics used in the Caprivi Strip to create fear and intimidate the people of the Caprivi Strip into accepting the illegal occupation and annexation. Everyone is frightened, living in fear and not trusting the immediate neighbor, in some cases even a relative. The lives for ordinary people in the Caprivi Strip is similar to what existed in the then East Germany before reunification. Geingob corrupted some senior headmen who in turn gave orders to the Juniors and eventually the people as a whole to support Geingob and Swapo. Anyone who did not obey the headmen will be shot. The Taskforce is mobilized to check on the UDP members from Botswana if seen or having meetings all must be shot and killed. These orders are still in place in the Caprivi Strip. Geingob is canning, a liar, a cheat and a manipulator who believes that he is the only one-eyed person in his world of the blind. He was the Chairman of the Committee that drafted the Constitution of his country Namibia, the Constitution never and could never include the Caprivi Zipfel/Strip, because the Caprivi territory is, was and has never been part of the Germany South West Africa.

On 24th June 1999 the Caprivi Zipfel/Strip was illegally annexed by Nambia Parliament. The bill was drafted and submitted by Geingob. We would like to appeal to Germany and Britain who were at one stage or another played part in the present colonial fiasco of the Caprivi Strip at the Berlin conference in 1884. The Caprivi Strip/ Zipfel is inhabited by Human beings that demand freedom and independence. To be Free and INDEPENDENT is a Human and Birth right.

German and Britain should consider seriously their relationship with the present corrupt regime of Namibia until such a time that the people of the Caprivi are granted their freedom. Britain and Germany should stop all the trade that they have with the corrupt regime of Namibia. We also want to appeal to all other countries at the international level to put pressure on Britain and Germany to act quickly on the issue of the Caprivi Strip. We know that Namibia produces some precious stones like diamonds, but they are many other countries that produce those precious stones, that countries can trade with, countries that have respect for human lives, countries that do not kill or torture or imprison people when they want their freedom and independence. We want to send out an appeal to all peace-loving countries to help the people of the Caprivi Strip to take their case to the International Court of Justice for a peaceful resolution. We have people spread all over the world in exile and some are currently in prison and have been in prison in Namibia for the past 21 years without trial and we have 5 people currently in Botswana prison whose situation is reported to be not very good. Last but not least I wish to appeal to my fellow countrymen, the Caprivians, colonialists come and go, the Swapo colonialists will also go back to their land and we as Caprivians will always remain in our own land, let us be united, let us not betray one another for the sake of money, money can disappear one day but us as Caprivians will continue to live side by side in our own land the Caprivi Strip.

Let me wish everyone, every Caprivian a Happy and prosperous new year.

Forward ever! Backward never!

Mishake Muyongo
President, UDP

Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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