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October 11, 2019

I am flabbergasted with the fact that some people are saying there is peace and tranquillity in this country forgetting that we have Caprivians languishing in jail with long prison sentences, former Caprivi high treason detainees have not been compensated for their long incarceration.

Caprivians who fled persecution in 1998 are still in diaspora. Now that our brothers and sisters are being repatriated (forced deportation) against their will , the question that bothers me and keep on ringing in my mind is, is there any truth in the notion that yes indeed people are enjoying the so-called justice, peace and stability? Or this is only experienced by those chosen few who sings loudly and dances to the tunes of the powers that be?

The former Caprivi high treason detainees went through a lot of emotional stress, both emotional and physical torture, death in detention and a lot more, some are still facing long-term sentences with no end in sight to their continued misery and those in diaspora are willing to be reunited with their families but are not given assurance in terms of their security. Who knows the pain of loosing your loved one (mother, father, son or daughter ) without you being given an opportunity to be on their sick bed or a chance to bury them? The pain of your son or daughter dropping out of school because you are not there for him or her? Your property being destroyed because of your undue absence?

Therefore, when we talk of peace, first and foremost government has the responsibility of addressing these issues that keeps on opening these old wounds that are festering from beneath. What guarantees do we have that these exiles are not going to be arrested and aligned before courts before they start running away again for the same reasons that led them into exile?

Remember government just recently lost its bid to appeal against the released former Caprivi high treason detainees. Moreover , witnesses are still being called to testify on the yet to be finalised second high treason case ongoing in the high Court.

This is a joke of the century and a mockery to justice, peace and stability in this country. The SWAPO led government/regime needs stable politicians with a strong political will who are fearlessly willing to find a lasting solution to the Caprivi Saga to ensure total reconciliation between the people of Caprivi and the whole country at large. As of now I remain unconvinced that indeed there is justice, peace and stability in Namibia ,being propagated by weak political scarecrows who cannot advice government on practical solutions to this present quagmire ,for fear of being labelled " biting the hand that feeds you " and the fall from Grace.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

# Stephen Ntelamo


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