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October 11, 2019
Press statement.

We Fear for the Lives of our Colleagues, the CAPRIVIANS Now in Botswana Prison.

The Botswana Authority after rounding up all the Caprivians who had fled into Botswana from the Caprivi Strip some 20years ago for fear of their lives from the murderous regime of Namibia that invaded the Caprivi, treacherously deported the Caprivians back against all odds to the Caprivi Strip.

There remaining five Caprivians in Botswana's prison in place called Francis Town detention centre, nobody knows their wellbeing as they're held incommunicado and we understand that they being tortured mentally and emotionally and physically, their families were deported a measure calculated as coercion for them to go back to the CAPRIVI STRIP.
Botswana has become the Policeman Country for Namibia. We would like to appeal to all peace loving Countries and Human Rights movement and Organizations to call on Botswana to release our Colleagues from prison. Our fellow Caprivians are not criminals but Political Refugees from the Occupied by force country the Caprivi Strip by Namibia.

We also appeal to all peaceful countries to give home to our people as their lives are in danger. Botswana has shown that it takes directives from their newly found friend thus is able to secretly deport Caprivians against all odds day or night.

Forward ever Backward never

Claassen Kawana

Member of the UDP Executive

Source: United Democratic Party ( UDP)

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