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PRESS STATEMENT Botswana should not deport Caprivians who are UDP Memebrs to Namibia
August 31, 2019
Mr. Mishake Muyongo
United Democratic Party (UDP) President


Botswana should not deport Caprivians who are UDP Memebrs to Namibia

Caprivians who are in Botswana who fled for their lives in bare hand in 1998/99 are members of the United Democratic Party (UDP). They registered as such upon their arrival in Botswana. They were given a political Asylum, fully believing that they were fleeing from political persecution.

The Leadership of UDP fled in exile in Botswana, and those who remained were arrested and still in the Namibian prisons today. The UDP party was banned and remains banned even today.

Botswana Government is aware that some Caprivians who were repatriated were arrested, while others were shot dead upon arrival. Progress Munuma and Seven (7) others who were deported from Botswana in 2003 are still in custody and their ongoing case never ends.

Botswana Government has chaired meetings where Caprivians and Namibians came together, and Caprivians in those meetings suggested peaceful talks with Namibia as the durable solution to the Caprivi saga.

The denial of peaceful talks in the event where Namibia is keeping political prisoners, banned UDP should be a clear evidence to Botswana Government that their counterpart is just an open grave for the Caprivians; and ditching Caprivians in such a boiling pot, Botswana will never be hands free by such acts.

I have observed curiously the basis of the new friendship between Namibia and Botswana, and I knew that the innocent Botswana with her BOTHO principles and democracy will soon be polluted by her neighbor Namibia who lacks democracy and humanity. Botswana today has agreed to make Botswana Namibia a one Country; border crossing will just be showing of identity document as agreed. Botswana should have asked before going that direction. Botswana is bound to lose her credibility and renowned principles of shining democracy, BOTHO and rule of law because of the new friendship. Namibia is a tyranny Country and rules Caprivi Strip forcefully by a barrel of a gun.

Botswana should not force Caprivians to go to Namibia because it is dangerous and is an open prison where swapo is operating at will to arrest, torture, and many people disappear without trace and killing anyone who is the member of UDP and supporter.

Once within the borders of the Caprivi Strip everyone is a soft political target that has to be eliminated at all cost. Many Caprivians who were repatriated have since in a similar way disappeared. It is the same regime that murdered and made many to flee into Botswana with only their lives in 1998/99. It is swapo regime that uses force to solve a political problem.

The Caprivi Stripís history is very clear, never was part of German South West Africa, has never been and will never be, save for the forced annexation of 1999 which is an illegal occupation in total violation of international instruments.
Botswana is the Country of laws and respects human rights and the right to freedom and independence of every oppressed human being. It is therefore that Botswana should not soil its reputation by supporting activities of a barbaric and undemocratic regime of Namibia.

Namibia is now a banana republic headed by a comman who is busy spreading lies about the Caprivi Strip and Caprivians; yet failing and afraid to agree to a dialogue so that the third party would listen to the discussion so that the political issue can be resolved permanently.

Caprivians are calling and have been calling asking for help from their neighbor and relative Batswana, not to push them into the hands of black Hitler.

Botswana has a strong historical, cultural and blood related bond with the Caprivians, we fought historical wars together as one people at times of crisis. Caprivians walked bare foot from Caprivi Strip to Kasane and Maun points to pay taxes. There existed no border as it was just one Country colonized together by British.

One can choose a friend, but you cannot choose a neighbor. Botswana should not blood their Country with the Caprivians blood for the pseudo political friendship with Namibia.

There is still time for Botswana to correct the situation if they so choose, the Court of appeal ruling of the 26th July 2019 never ruled for Botswana to deport Caprivians, however the Court erred by making pronouncements that the Caprivi Strip is safe for the Caprivians to return without considering that such Caprivians are members of the banned United Democratic Party and that many followers of that party are in the Namibian prisons.

I am appealing to Botswana Government not to deport Caprivians to Namibia as it is not safe, moreover it is not time that they have stayed in Botswana that determines the solution of a problem, but it is attending to the problem that gives lasting solution to the problems.

Caprivians shall continue seeking help from all peace loving people, peace is thrilled by all the living and desire to be free is not crime; but the oppressors who torture and kill those who demand their birthright freedom and independence are committing cardinal crime.

Forward Ever Backward Never

United Democratic Party (UDP) President
Mishake Muyongo

Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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