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August 2, 2019

02 August 2019

It was in the early hours of 2nd of August when Caprivians stood up with courage, as that was the only option to defend their God given territory the Caprivi Strip which Namibia is occupying illegally at gun point.

This day stands out as one of the days that are worthy remembered in the history of the Caprivi Strip. The colonization of the Caprivi Strip is nowhere different to that of the apartheid South Africa which was opposed by SWAPO and CANU which led to the Merger agreement of the two on the 5th of November 1964.

The apartheid South Africa had a constitution which they belied to allow them to Govern South West Africa together with South Africa. According to them it was legitimate in their own way and the fight for SWAPO to liberate Namibia was against the sovereign of the Republic of South West Africa.

It is absurd for a politician and a leader who has gone through liberation history to fail the taste of matters that he lectured to others. It is time that Caprivians should come out from their comfort zones and stand for the truth to liberate themselves from the dark cloud of deceit and pseudo history told to them by foreigners whose aims is to delete our history and replace it with theirs.

Many Caprivians lost their lives on 2nd August for the sole reason to defend our history, our Culture and tradition, our heritage and our dignity. It is for that reason that every concerned Caprivian should remember 2nd August.

Countryman, there is a reason for every Caprivian today to be concerned about what is happening among ourselves. It is time to reflect back and realize that we need to change before we go very far with Namibia.

Today in the Caprivi Strip there is general moral degradation; traditional leaders are politicized for their survival and have lost respect of the old, Caprivians now celebrates contentedly the death of fellow Caprivian and joyfully accept the suffering of others. It was not so in the Caprivi that I know. All these are brought by the Namibian regime in their strategy of divide and rule which many has embraced for just to put food on the table.

This that you have allowed has given SWAPO Government the audacity to speak in front of you and recruiting you to assassinate your fellow brothers who are advocating for your survival from bondage.

The evidence of this was the meeting addressed by Inspector of Police Ndeitunga who threatened for the mass killing of all CCG members in the Caprivi. He is quoted in the media saying they must be sprayed with doom like mosquitoes and kill them all. Caprivians were accused in that meeting of being promoted and recruited by him Ndeitunga but they are not doing their job.

Swapo Government is aimed at ethnic cleansing in the Caprivi Strip; Mark my words in an article of the 24th June 2016 on the title “NAMIBIA’S SECRETIVE PLANS TO EXECUTE GENOCIDE IN THE CAPRIVI STRIP OPENS’’ This was a time when Swapo leaders in the Caprivi Strip, namely Councilor Cletius Sipapela and Martin Limbo CEO for Bukalo Village Council were caught tribalising the residents of the Caprivi.
Limbo called for Rwanda type of genocide to be carried on the Mafwe tribe in the Caprivi, he insulted traditional leaders and Mafwe in general, accusing them to be the master mind for secession of the Caprivi Strip from Namibia. The central government did not bother itself to discourage or reprimand Limbo for his dangerous utterances and hate speech that time, and now is openly said by the Inspector General of the police.

There is a reason why we must be concerned as Caprivians.

My fellow Countryman and women in Dukwi in Botswana I urge you to be united than ever before. The route to independence has never been smooth; it is a winding narrow way with many obstacles, if you can reflect back you will realize that you have climbed high mountains and at other times gone deep in the gorge but one good time a rewarding of all the setbacks of our journey shall come. It will come when many are bruised; others have jumped out of the boat and only the strong shall be found standing with the flag.

This is one of the testing times like in the past, Botswana Government must be told by our unity that we belong to the United Democratic Party (UDP) AND that our party is banned in the Caprivi. We welcome the Judgment that you are no longer Refugees but Caprivi remains unsafe for your return as UDP members.

The Judgment was more of a political opinion dancing to the tune of the two friendly Governments. Nevertheless our case stands out clearly that you are victims of a political situation that need to be corrected.

In conclusion I would like to appeal firstly to the Government of Botswana to know that the Caprivians in Botswana are members of the United Democratic Party (UDP), whose leader is me in exile, and that deporting Caprivians to the Government of Namibia is dangerous to their lives as many of their families are still in the Namibian prisons, and that the Botswana Government should not participate in the acts of tormenting Caprivians vainly but for friendship’s sake.

To the international organizations and Governments I would like to urge them all not to be entertained by Namibia over the Caprivi issue, Namibia has dismally failed to resolve the Caprivi political conflict and is just geared to torture, kill, intimidate, threaten and put in prison all Caprivians who questions the Namibian authority over the Caprivi territory. Caprivi has an international boundary that separates it from Namibia hence the attempts to annex Caprivi through the act of Parliament of 1999 without consulting the citizens of that place.

To all the Caprivians I say, we have a duty to correct the situation ourselves. We are our own liberators.

May the blood of our heroes and heroines water our freedom.

Struggle continues…..

Forward Ever Back Ward Never

Mishake Muyongo

UDP President

Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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