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Message of Condolences May Benetty Sizibalwa Mulisa rest in Peace
March 14, 2019

Message of Condolences
May Benetty Sizibalwa Mulisa rest in Peace

It came as a shocking wave to learn the untimely passing on of Comrade Mulisa Sizibalwa on the 9th of March 2019. He was one of the pillars of strength, encouragement and force of determination to many members of the United Democratic Party in Sikubi Area.

He was known for his boldness and brevity to confront anyone on matters concerning the independence of the Caprivi Strip.
I am sure that many of you mourners believe that his contribution and influence from the time he was chosen to be the head Induna of Nampengu Village and the role he played at Sikubi Khuta on a district level was always well appreciated.
Losing a man of his caliber at a time that we needed his service even more is truly regrettable to the party; nevertheless, death never chose whom to take from us, as it is appointed for each and every one of us.

As we mourn our Colleague, I would like to encourage all of you to emulate his steps. We are not yet independent, so we should not rest; neither be intimidated or cheated by the enemies of our freedom; we are all witnesses of the injustices happening in our midst, to our fellow Colleagues in Prisons, torture they went through and for simply demanding their rights.

We should live a life of depending on each other so that we maintain an attitude of watch my back as I watch yours, an injury to one an injury to all. By doing that we will be loving each other.

I once said, the thief that is stealing our natural resources has a hand in robbing us even our precious human materials.
Bome ni bo ndate ba batile kuto buluka wa habo luna , Mulena Mulimu a lu bukeleze mi lulile inge lutalimezi Kuyena, sihulu lutokomele kuli lupila mwa mazazi a bukoba bwa Mavambo, muhpule ba habo mina mwalitolongo, mane niba ba inzi kwanda Naha ku lwanela tukuluho ya mina.

Kwa mabasi a nyandi nili, Mulena Mulimu ami ombe ombe mwa butata bobu mi wezi. Lifu la nyandi Mulisa lituhezi lisuba mwa Lubasi, sikiliti sa Sikubi Kaufela mane in mwa kopano ya luna ya UDP.

May the Almighty God protect you all until we meet in our independent new Caprivi Zipfel.

Peace and Love to all

May Mulisa Benetty Sizibalwa rest in Peace.

Forward Ever Backward Never

Mishake Muyongo
UDP President

Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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