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January 31, 2019
Namibian/Caprivian Elders in Botswana
Dukwi Refugee Camp
Box 211
Sowa Town
31 January 2019

C/o Executive Secretary for (SADC)
The Chairperson
His Excellency the President Dr. Hage Geingob
Southern African Development Community (SADC)
Head Quarter Gaborone Botswana
Plot no: 54385
Central Business District
Private Bag 0095

Your Excellence, Dr Geingob
Re: Petition to resolve the Caprivi Political Conflict
Your Excellency, we petition you first as the Chairperson of SADC,

Secondly as the President of Namibia which is currently occupying the disputed Territory of the Caprivi Strip, which is today forcefully called as Zambezi region.

It is true that this is not the first communiquι from us directed to you, opening up for dialogue with your Government but every time we did it you gave a cold shoulder.

We are aware with the fact that you stand on the right position to bring the logical political conclusion to the long bloody conflict of the Caprivi Strip and Namibia.

You are aware that since 1998 prior to 2nd August 1999’s fatal shootings that took place in Katima Mulilo , and the reaction of your Government, the Namibian Security force’s wide spread harassment, torture, killings, forced disappearances and exile of more than 3000 people; your Government remains hostile to the Caprivian people, by rejecting any peaceful proposal from UDP leadership which is in exile.

Due to the rejection of dialogue or referendum as proposed by Caprivians, you have caused untold suffering of many Caprivians both at home in the Caprivi Strip and those abroad in different Countries wishing to return home.

You have also negotiated for our humiliation as we lost our dignity and rights by being pushed from Botswana like dogs while you keep silent in jubilation for our sufferings.

We in exile and those at home in the Caprivi Strip have all suffered privation by starving us with basic needs so that we in exile may opt for repatriation, an evil thing that even the apartheid South Africa never did to South West Africa/Namibia and Caprivi during colonial era.

And for those at home are silenced and punished for their political opinions. For how long will it take and what benefit do you have with the suffering of other human beings?

The recent threats by the Namibian Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga of shoot to kill CCG group members and all Caprivians who are advocating peacefully for political solution to the Caprivi political conflict is the clear sign of the deliberate position of your Government to continuously rule Caprivians with the barrel of a gun, which is the threat to life and human dignity.

Caprivians live in fear daily as they are not allowed to be found in a group of more than two (2), they are accused of being followers of Mr. Muyongo who are conspiring for an attack and perceived as a threat.

It is observed that you inherited the same system of the apartheid South Africa that you were opposed too, and continuously denounce.

The Namibian Judiciary shall never solve the Caprivi issue, it is just a torture instrument aimed to intimidate Caprivians from voicing out their legitimate concerns, similarly to the imprisonment of the late Toivo ya Toivo, Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko and many others.

You will agree with us that those Comrades in the Namibian prisons today are victims of political differences with your Government and the rightful approach was, and still, is to resolve the political issue through political platforms.

Caprivi was annexed to Namibia through an Act of Parliament Act 10 of 1999, we Caprivians contest this act because our rights were violated, and we were NOT consulted as per the agreement of the 5th November 1964.

It is for this reason that we appeal to your Chair and authority, to give us back our dignity and rights, we want to return home in peace.

We want to humbly appeal to the Government of Botswana not to block SADC to intervene and find permanent solution to the Caprivi political problem, we request His Excellency President Dr. Mokgweetsi Masisi to allow us just a stay until we find the solution to our problems.

Enough you have revenged on us with despiteful heart 28 Caprivians perished mysteriously in your hands (custody) in a short period of time, and many of us displaced while others are untraceable and remain missing since 1998 and your Government did nothing to find out the missing people, but continued unleashing hatred, threats divide and continuously rule us forcefully.

We have observed, as we followed your approach to the political dispensation of Morocco and Western Sahara, which your Government feels must be resolved amicably; it is our belief that the Caprivi issue is quite similar to that of Western Sahara.

We dispute the statement you have made several times that Caprivians who want independence are few, so it makes no reason to attend to the matter. Our assertion towards that statement is that, many Caprivians are intimidated daily and Caprivi is more of a military base as it is densely populated by Security forces.

Your Excellency, we appeal for peaceful resolution on the Caprivi political conflict, to start a dialogue with the UDP leadership or agree to a the United Nations supervised referendum with the aim to correct the past injustices and restore human dignity and rights of the Caprivian people.

In conclusion, we want peace and happiness like you do, exile and prison life are the gate ways to freedom, and you have an experience about this, as you went through them, but no one will ever appreciate living in such conditions. So we appeal to your Government to release all political prisoners. The unban of the United Democratic Party (UDP) shall expedite our repatriation in peace, safety, dignity and happiness.
We thank you
Caprivians in exile in Botswana
Signed by 1. Felix Kakula: ………………………………………….
UDP Executive Secretary and acting Secretary for Information and Publicity (Spokesperson for Caprivians in Botswana)
Date: ……………………………

CC: 1. The President of the Republic of Botswana Dr. Mokgwaeetsi Masisi
2. His Excellency Chairperson for African Union (AU) Mr.Moussa Faki Mahamat


Source: United Democratic Party ( UDP)

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