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November 14, 2018

Plundering and exploitation of the Caprivi natural resources by the illegitimate Namibian Government in the Caprivi Strip is dangerous and must be stopped immediately.

The recent viral video circulating on social media and newspapers of two white hunters who were given hunting permits to hunt elephants by the Namibian Government, to do as they wish in the Capriviís Nakabolelwa Area along the Chobe River is the deliberate barbaric actions of the Government.

There is no doubt that the permitted hunting in the Caprivi Strip in the name of trophy hunting is worse than the illegal poaching which is taking place. It is unbelievable that today it is said that Caprivi does not have rhinos which are plenty found in Botswana, Zambia and Angola; Caprivi is the main corridor for all kinds of animals found in the above mentioned Countries. It was practically not possible for the Caprivi Strip to miss those animals, but the SWAPO Government has a mission to fulfill in the Caprivi which is nothing else but to bring to extinct as they have done with the rhinos, so they are following elephants and other bigger animals.
What is annoying is the pretense and hypocritical response from the so called Environmental Conservation Ministry who only comes in to criticize the hunters when they realized that the video has gone viral in social media which is likely going to awaken the World Conservationist and donors which may result in stopping the donations coming forth in the Namibian Tourism.

Few past years, the Namibian Government was engaged in transporting animals from Caprivi to Namibia and giving some to their friends, Mr. Sam Nujoma made Caprivi a shooting spree recreational, Buffaloes Zebras Springbok and many other types of animals were shot indiscriminately with automatic rifle; in that event animals died while others were injured and left for the maggots.

No criticism was made from the ministry, time and again he does it, and the soldiers that are camped in the Western Caprivi are the worst poachers that do as they wish with the aim to make Caprivi a desolate Country.
Namibia is jealous of the Capriviís natural resources, if Caprivi was a barren Country like what perceived a deceit in the eyes of the British Colonialists with regard to Bechuanaland/Botswana, that brought them to leave the Country peacefully as they believed that it was a barren Country, Namibia could have left peacefully the Caprivi Strip; but alas, Namibia wants to hold tightly to Caprivi for one greater reason which is the riches that Caprivi holds that makes them mad when they think of ending their illegal occupation.

Last time I spoke about the extinct of rhinos, raw timber harvest from Caprivi to China, an act that is still continuing, the raw harvest of devil claws sold at cheat price, illegal mining of diamond and excavating of assorted precious stones at Singalamwe, selling of land and illegal settlement of foreigners in the Caprivi Strip. I also spoke of a report of more than two hundred Hippos found dead at Bwabwata and dead fish in the river which was nothing but animal poisoning with deliberate intent of instinct animal population in the Caprivi.

Now again the issue of 400 Buffaloes said to have drawn in the Chobe River, I call for methodical investigation both from Botswana and Namibia over this story. Botswana should now open eyes over the deliberate actions of Namibia to plunder and exploit the Caprivi natural species because the extinct of certain animal species in the Caprivi will automatically affect Botswana one way or the other.

I am concerned that in a similar way the Caprivi natural resources is been harvested, the elderly people in the Caprivi are also being similarly harvested; it is unbelievable that most Villages have lost elderly people living; just middle aged who have turned old due to hard stricken poverty they are wallowing in; something is muddled with the life span of man and women in the Caprivi.

It is true that Caprivians are being murdered in cold blood as it is done with their animals, Namibia since long gave a declaration of shoot and kill Caprivians when they are found in more than three in number, the same was echoed in the recent statement from Inspector general Ndeitunga; and it is time that Caprivians must shout out for help now. They should not allow themselves to be driven like a lamb taken for slaughter.
It is time for Caprivians to stand and defend themselves and their heritage before Namibia bring to extinct the beauty of fauna and flora and all God given natural resources of the Caprivi Strip.

I am yet to warn the Caprivians with regard to the just ended so called second land Conference in Namibia. Traditional leaders in the Caprivi had already experienced that they donít own land and the Government does all what they want without consulting them. The worse is yet to happen if you give the land to SWAPO Government.
When the land is taken from a poor man, what else remains with him? Only his life in the hands of God; A lesson must be learnt, the Government has turned to the poor to get money from rural and undeveloped Areas, I told you long back that SWAPO Government will milk you until you are nothing.

You will pay for your Cattle, you will pay for your farm/field, you will pay for water, and you will pay for the land your village is occupying; I wonder what shall you become if you are to pay for your Villages both to your traditional leaders and to the Government?

I hereby repeat myself as I remind fellow Caprivians that the war that started and continued to be fought by Caprivians, the war and struggle that seeks the total independence of the Caprivi Strip will soon come to an end. It is not about the question of who participate in the struggle and who doesnít; it is a matter of independence for all the Caprivians.

The war and the struggle for the Caprivi is nothing else but, round and about land, so let us not sell land and let us preserve and guard jealously the God given natural resources of the Caprivi Strip

The Namibian Government should bring to an end their barbaric exploitation of the Caprivi resources by permitting every hunter to the Caprivi Strip for covetous purposes of destruction of the Caprivi natural resources.
In conclusion, I say, Caprivi shall be free; we have gained enough ground in terms of what was expected of us to achieve our goal. It is at this juncture and purpose that I call for unity for all the Caprivians so that we call it a time that we shall only remember our humiliation, suffering, unemployment of our youth, the end of stinking poverty that is now everywhere in the Caprivi Strip.

To the remaining Caprivians in exile in Botswana I say, stay intact and remain focused, all what you are going through are the challenges that ought to be encountered in a struggle for independence; always the road to success and happiness has never been smooth.

To those suffering at home in the Namibian prisons I say, you are not in prison for having stolen someoneís property, neither have you raped or insulted someone or any criminal conduct that you made, but it is for claiming what belongs to you and your children, that is what brought you in prison. There is no regret what so ever in your actions.

Caprivi shall be free, we are our own liberators.

Forward Ever for Caprivi Freedom
Backward Never for Colonialism and subjugation

Mishake Muyongo

United Democratic Party
(UDP) President

Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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