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Western Sahara - Morocco Caprivi Zipfel - Namibia Double Standard by SADC
August 22, 2018
Western Sahara - Morocco
Caprivi Zipfel - Namibia

Double Standard by SADC

Namibia has become the diplomatic champion in the advocacy for the self determination of the Saharawi people; what is difficult to understand is the rationale and morality of the SWAPO Government.

The stand hold by SADC to the cleave rage of the Namibian Government with relation to the Caprivi Zipfel Political crisis is noxious, prejudicial and lacks static operational principles.

SADC as an organization must have an audacity to advice Namibia to stand aside and mum on political conflicts that seek self determination from hostile regimes that negate well established civilized international approaches to conflicts resolutions.

SADC is by no means will it elude the dirty Namibia is swimming in, if it does not abide by the principles as designed by the document policy of the Organ of Politics Defense and Security.

Arbitration in full scale war should not be an option for fostering peace; SADC has experienced shocking waves of war among member states where innocent lives were lost, it must be a lesson among others that conflict prevention through peaceful negotiations should be an option.

Many times it has portrayed crash in Countries like Lesotho, Madagascar and DRC where intervention was delayed due to denial of conflict by certain member states, only to come in when people began to lose their lives.
A lesson must be learnt also from the recent developments in Zimbabwe where an Army general seized power from the long ruler Robert Mugabe. I, on the other side understood the decision taken by Zimbabwe to deny the intervention of SADC, because Zimbabwean people come from far away under the suffering of Mugabe regime both politically, economically, socially and spiritually.

SADC seems to have propensity of saying ‘’they will solve their problem’’ but when Zimbabweans themselves took a stand to solve their problem, SADC wanted to rush in for intervention, what a contradictory.

I say, there is no difference between the political conflict between Morocco and Western Sahara and Caprivi Strip and Namibian Government. The only difference is the kind of attitude of those rulers towards the people they colonize. Morocco has long time agreed to peaceful settlement of the matter. But Geingob’s regime is adamant that they cannot resolve the Caprivi Strip issue because Muyongo annexed Caprivi to Namibia which is a deliberate dishonesty that does not hold water.

Caprivian people demand self determination from the Namibian regime that is occupying Caprivi Strip by force. There is no legal, historical, geographical, culturally and anything that one can think about that ascribe us to Namibia.

Below is one among many references that shows political immorality of SWAPO Regime
Nam wants release of Saharawi in Morocco jails

Submitted by Sun Reporter2 on Thu, 2013-03-14 09:46
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TAKING A STAND: Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary Veiccoh Nghiwete.

The above article here quoted, ‘’Namibia wants release of Saharawi in Morocco jails’ is just a clear demonstration of how Namibia should never be trusted and taken serious of whatever they say, Caprivians are in the Namibian prisons since 1999, others were charged 32 years others 20years similarly to what Morocco did, but Namibia is denouncing such as undemocratic and barbaric acts of Morocco against Western Sahara. What a double standard and hypocrisy of the highest degree.

Why should SADC go as far as West Africa to intervene in the Western Sahara and Morocco political problem while leaving their own citizens in the region swimming in the same morass?

There is no logic, and there is good or sympathy in such acts, but is just pretence and political immorality. (Selective morality is equals to no morality)

The statement made by the Executive Secretary for SADC during the just ended 38th Summit saying “the region is stable and peaceful” is somehow a direct provocation to the Cprivian people who are oppressed and ruled against their will by the Namibian regime. Caprivians are scattered in many Western Countries, others in prisons while others in exile in Botswana for almost 20 years.

Peace should be inclusive; it should not be ascribed to certain individuals or class of people. When others are in prisons as political prisoners, others in the Diaspora for fear of their lives, others silenced, what is still does not and should not be concluded that is at peace.

SADC should step up and show a difference, Namibia will always tell lies with regard to the Caprrivi political problem.

I still stand and challenge the Namibian Government through SADC platforms for possible adjudication on the Caprivi Political conflict. Namibia has dismally failed to bring a logical conclusion to the Caprivi crisis; what Namibia will never fail to do is arrest, torture and kill.


Forward Ever Back Ward Never

Mishake Muyongo
United Democratic Party (UDP)

Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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