Salute to Our Fallen Heroes
Caprivi celebrates National Heroes Day on the 2nd of August. The occasion is held to remember the first group of Caprivi Liberation Army (CLA) fighters to die for the cause of a free Caprivi Nation. On this day in 1999 twelve CLA members attained martyrdom while fighting the Namibian colonial forces.

'Martyrs' in Caprivi conveys a more delicate and profound meaning in its context. It is devotion, sacrifice, willingness, perfection, dedication, sincerity, and above all a right to act, which they chose for themselves. Caprivian martyrs are honoured, appreciated, loved and admired. They are bound by the love for their fellow beings, the land and for freedom. Their very memories are vibrant and purifying and should always be with us.
The people of Caprivi mark the occasion with activities such as prayer, cultural events and community service in memory of all their martyred heroes. The wide spread observance of this occasion denotes Caprivian peoples' proud consciousness of their own national identity and dedication to the liberation of their people from Namibian colonial rule.
The whole week commencing on August 2 is a week of solemn celebrations. These days are the most important and thrilling days of Caprivians. The activities for these days are planned well to recall the memories of the Caprivian Martyrs. The sight can never fade away from ones mind. The memories revitalize everyone present and give more vigour and determination to work for the dawn of CAPRIVI NATIONHOOD.

The memory of martyrs is a treasure that has been given to us to provide us a sense of belonging to the Caprivi Nation. The more we recall their memories, the more we get a sense of who we really are and where we come from and what has brought us here. It is only under such an enlightened state, can we keep our identities alive and provide the next generation the same. The memories of the martyrs keep enforcing the history of Caprivians and unite them as a community that has fought bravely for the freedom of its country.
Martyrs have sacrificed then- precious lives for the sake of the Caprivi Nation. They have done the greatest sacrifices possible and have left us only the duty of safeguarding Caprivian Nationhood in our lands and wherever we go. Let us join as Caprivians on this day and work our best for the freedom, of our land while keeping the memories of the martyrs and the cause they fought for, alive and fresh in our mind.


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