UDP-CLA International Activities and Namibian Government Propaganda
Today the Caprivian people can realise the extent of the United Democratic Party (UDP) and the Caprivi Liberation Army (CLA) in foreign countries by the very fact that the Namibian colonial regime uses all its potential communications media in thwarting this popularity of the UDP-CLA in the outside world.

It is therefore possible to understand that the growth in the popularity of the UDP-CLA has greatly impacted the Namibian colonial regime. In this propaganda war, the Namibian colonial regime has a great advantage: the availability of immense government funds; the service of specialists; the control of all internal communications media as well as advice and guidance from local and international military experts which give it an undeniable advantage over the UDP-CLA in the war front But the strength of the UDP-CLA lies in justness of their cause and the determination of the Caprivian people, which undermines all the false propaganda of the Namibian colonial regime.

As far as the Namibian colonial regime is concerned, its propaganda reaches every nook and cranny in the Caprivi Strip through its Radio and Television network: NEC, and the New Era newspaper which it controls, while its control of Namibia Press Agency enables the colonial regime to reach a sizable audience all over the world, irrespective of the truth or credibility of its propaganda. Not only do NEC, New Era and Namibia Press Agency come under the Namibian colonial regime's censorship, they are obliged and sometimes even threatened to publish the Government's point of view.

Even foreign correspondents living in Namibia come under the direct influence of the Government's news conferences and press releases. They have no free access to the war-torn Caprivi areas to determine for themselves independently the exact situation and the feelings of the people there. The Government's own propaganda and dissemination of news (which would otherwise not be available to them at all), obliges several foreign correspondents to fall in line with the colonial regime's intentions and to avoid publishing any contradictory news. Several of these international organizations are manned by a large number of Owambo assistants who, because of their ethnic affinity, are unable to understand the justness of the Caprivi cause.
Even some of the Owambo elite, intelligentsia and media who are convinced of the problems the Caprivians are faced with, still consider the UDP-CLA as merely secessionists. It is therefore clear that even these people do not view the war in its true perspective.

The Namibian colonial regime also continues to manipulate certain insignificant players who call themselves representatives of the Caprivian people. The recent defence by these Owambo puppets of certain remarks by President Sain Nujoma concerning the Caprivian liberation struggle bears testimony to their moral depravity. Even some Caprivians who consider themselves "patriotic" have aligned themselves with the Namibian colonial regime to smear the image of the Caprivian liberation movement for the sake of position and money.
On top of all these underhand dealings, the Namibian Foreign Ministry uses its Embassies and Diplomatic Missions overseas in order to spread its scandalizing propaganda concerning the image of the UDP-CLA and the just cause of the Caprivian people and their liberation struggle. The main task of Namibian Foreign Missions is to make use of Owambo people living in foreign countries to organise activity against the Caprivians. Instead of concentrating on their normal diplomatic duty of maintaining friendly relations with other countries, these diplomatic missions and their staff are charged by Namibian President Sam Nujoma to be on alert for any developments in favour of the Caprivians in those countries and to take immediate measures to counter such developments. Whenever there is a sign of sympathy for the Caprivian cause in foreign countries, Sam Nujoma does not hesitate to condemn it as a violation of Namibian "internal" affairs.

In spite of all its comparative advantage, the Namibian colonial regime has failed to impress on the outside world and put a stop to the ever growing popularity of the UDP-CLA, for the simple reason that all its propaganda does not have an iota of truth and does not reflect the real situation of the war in the Caprivi Strip, Faced with this deficiency, it is therefore obliged to spread unwholesome lies and half-truths and make improper use of its propaganda machine in order to counter the upsurge in the popularity of the UDP-CLA in the outside world.
The primary motive of the Namibian colonial regime's international
propaganda is to portray the UDP-CLA as a terrorist organisation and its war
with the Namibian armed forces as terrorist activities. Its principal objective is
therefore to cause damage to the image of the UDP-CLA in the outside world
and thereby belittle the Caprivi liberation cause. The UDP-CLA is the national
liberation movement of the Caprivians. It is a national organisation with an
infrastructure consisting of military, political, social, economic and legal
institutions. It has been forced forced to resort to armed struggle after all the
democratic and non-violent struggle of the Caprivian people to win their
legitimate rights had ended in failure.

To want freedom and independence is not a crime but an honorable and noble duty of all Caprivians.
Government terrorism has reached its zenith under the Government of President Sain Nujoma. Economic embargoes, denial of the freedoms of association and movement, arrests, disappearances, sex violations, cold blooded murder and disposal of bodies in secret pits in areas under army control are premeditated and have become the order of the day. Artillery fire and other destructive measures undertaken by the Nujoma colonial administration are intended to exterminate the entire Caprivian people.

Brute force and violence were methods used before by all colonial and undemocratic regimes, but the wishes of the people cannot and will not be stopped until freedom is achieved.


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