The 2nd- second August message
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The 2nd- second August message
August 2, 2005
To all Caprivians at home, in prisons in Botswana and Namibia and in exile, remember and never forget the above date. The history of Caprivi Zipfel was once again written in blood by the fallen heroes that all should live to remember. They sacrificed their lives to free our country from black colonialism and modern slavery.
Caprivians are in prisons and exile today because they want to be free and decide their own destiny, they want no more plundering of their lives and their land, and they want no more torture and killing of innocent children and the elderly. Our country men and women in Western Caprivi are killed wherever found alone in the forest.
One day a dreamer wrote that �the people in prisons in Namibia are not being tried for their political opinion but for the crimes that they committed� and that crime is said to be the 2nd August 1999. Is it a crime to take up arms in order to attain freedom and liberty? Are the rulers of Namibia today criminals since they also took up arms against colonialism? Does the word crime in relation to fighting for liberation and freedom apply only to Caprivian Freedom fighters? Or is the day-dreamer trying to fool people and the world at large that Caprivians are not political prisoners? How many demonstrations took place in the Caprivi before the 2nd August 1999 and what were they for? How wee the demonstrations put down? They were forcefully put down and people were killed. How many petitions in form of human beings and letters were sent by Caprivians to the so-called government of Namibia from 1990?
The actions of 2nd August were and will always remain legitimate methods that the colonized and oppressed people can fall back on, in their fight for freedom and liberty. We remain convicted that it was a political and NOT a criminal one. The target of 2nd August was the instrument of oppression, brute force, torture and killing, and these happen to be political ones i.e. the army and the police force.
Many today�s power houses of democracy traveled the same thorny road and they are the champions of freedom and respect for human rights and dignity. We pledge to all Caprivians at, in prisons in foreign lands like Namibia and Botswana and exile that our struggle for a free Caprivi Zipfel will be peaceful but we shall leave no stone unturned and no method untried.
It is reported by the United Nations that the Caprivi Zipfel is the most backward and underdeveloped place on this modern planet, and also that they are the most underdeveloped and neglected people on this earth. The Caprivi is totally rundown and milked of its resources by the present colonial and oppressive regime.
Caprivians are being killed, tortured and denied their basic human rights and are being paraded like criminals in so called Kangaroo courts, where the so called government is the judge, defense, lawyer and also juror.
One caprivian is reported to have asked for a private independent lawyer and the response from the acting judge was at best misleading and a political thread-dancing typical of a puppet figure. The judge said nothing but to expose chicanery of the murderous regime towards the Caprivians.
Caprivians, stay, stand and see that you remain strong and united for peace and freedom.
We are our own liberators!! Backward Never, Forward ever!!!!!
Caprivi Zipfel our beloved land!!!!!

United Democratic Party

Source: www.caprivifreedom.com

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