New Year Message to all Caprivians at Home, Prison and Exile.
January 1, 2005

By Mishake Moyongo ( President of UDP)

Countryman and women:
This is the time for everyone to check himself or herself in relation to what
one has done or not in helping the people of the Caprivi to be free from the
current black colonoialist.The new year is upon us again to set our agenda and review the past year by checking our activities wether they were as our people
want or did we derail somewhat.

The struggle is bitter and long: Bitter in the sense that lives can be
sacrificed as we have lost coleagues in the years at the hands of the trigger-
happy and fascist namibia forces and natural causes.The brute-force regime has
killed so many Caprivians that only when freedom and independence is achivied
will we be able to have a proper account of the slaughtered people.

We had more than 300 people in prisons in namibia, this number has been reduced
to 120, what happened to the rest-killed by the fascist namibia army and police
forces, those who survived the inhuman treatment bear the brutal scars of
torture, and have their body limbs rendered useless. Some cannot use their hands, legs or eyes.
Those in prisons in namibia have been there for more than 5 years without
proper trail. Whenever the so-called trail takes place it is to make them
appear as criminals. Colleagues in prison you have our respect and trust, you
have remained gentle true to your characters. You are victims of political
cheats who believe their own lies. They are lying to themselves and their
similar friends that you have committed crimes against their country- the truth is that YOU ARE POLITICAL PRISONERS. It is not a crime to want to be free and
independent in your own land the Caprivi. Your sacrifies are being entered
in the Caprivian heros` book. It is a basic human right to be free and
independent in your own country.

Colleagues at home some of you have stood strong, we really admire your resolve, please keep it up let us suffer together for the good of the future generation. An ovambo is like a person you meet on the way coming from his/her home,
such a person cannot derail your agenda. look how the caprivi has been been
rundown in all spheres of life. The ovambos have arrested, tortured and killed your loved ones. The ovambos authoritarian and brute-force regime has turned back
the development clock of the Caprivi by two centuries. Caprivi is a foodbusket
but today you are beggars, your top brains are behind bars and your education
is worse than what the former rascist regime offered. Your Culture and tradition have been diluted to such extend that you see your dogs as prime meat to fry
and eat instead of friend or helper. Caprivians are treated as third class citizens and mobile targets for the fascist police and army. The youngman and women are sent to Owamboland to work, marry ovambos and get aids. If one fails to get aids he or she gets an ovambo child which is the long term objective to finish the Caprivi culture and tradition. WE BURY OUR DOGS WITH THEIR SKINS.

The fascist regime of namibia is using the same tactics as the former rascists, the recent elections as the privious ones proved one thing cheat cheat cheat and cheat. Where there is democracy votes have to be 50% of the registered for the vote to valid, in namibia 5% is 50% and 9% is 90%. To those Caprivians who totally refused to vote, we salute you and can be sure we know the areas concerned. Colleagues in exile many of you have shown resolve and determination, but many again have also shown shaky behaviours as if one is standing in quick sand. You left the Caprivi because you were persecuted by fascist regime now occupying the Caprivi for your political stand that the Caprivi shall be free and independent. Exile is not sweet but soar.

When you are refugees you have to behave in such a way that you make your host understand your problem. To those who came just because a friend or relative came that is had news to say the least.

I now hear about people going back to the Caprivi when it is not yet free, what has changed? the same triggerhappy police and army, same oppressive and fascist regime or you were sent to find out! Please you are wanted by the regime in namibia dead or alive, why do you send someone when is dead when he or she could not go back alive? The people who have taken you as a refugee have also given you a place for burial.

The struggle is long as it has taken now more than 5years and it can still take longer, it needs determination and strong will of purpose, Those in prison have no movement but you have, they can not communicate with the outside but you can. Let us stay focused and determined to free our people from the oppressive and undemocratic and fascist regime of namibia.
We shall overcome. Forward ever, backward never!!!!!
I wish all Caprivians at home, in prisons and in foreign lands like namibia and in exile a very happy decisive New year 2005.

The regime we should make sure that they fail.
During the past election years the fascist regime lied to the world and its people about the outcome in the Caprivi, and this year's result have proved the same trend, that Caprivians are not interested in voting for the oppressor.

Source: www. Caprivifreedom.com


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