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This is the United Democratic Party- (UDP) site. Whose intention is to inform and educate the world namely; NGOs, govts, and individuals about the struggle of the Caprivian people for self-determination and independence of their Motherland- CAPRIVI STRIP.


Caprivi Strip currently falls under Namibia, but it is a territory that has demarcated borders. It lies about half way between the equator and the Southern tip of Africa and mid way between the Atlantic and Indian oceans. The Caprivi Zipfel commonly known as Caprivi Strip shares boarders with Angola in the North West/ Botswana in the South, Namibia in the West and Zambia in the north. Caprivi Zipfel (Strip) and its neighboring countries have natural boundaries such as the river Zambezi, Chobe, Linyanti and Okavango. Katima Mulilo is the Capital of the Caprivi Strip.

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CAPRIVIANS in the Namibian prisons, held for their Political opinion and ambitions to Self-determination of the Caprivi Strip, have made an appeal to the international peace loving countries and the United nations. To create a peaceful platform for the Caprivi Strip Self determination and independence from Namibia. The namibian government have since failed and ignored the plight of the Capriivian's political right, to table the issue and have it resolved peacefully.

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Press Statement October 11, 2019
Press statement.

We Fear for the Lives of our Colleagues, the CAPRIVIANS Now in Botswana Prison.

The Botswana Authority after rounding up all the Caprivians who had fled into Botswana from the Caprivi Strip some 20years ago for fear of their lives from the murderous regime of Namibia that invaded the Caprivi, treacherously deported the Caprivians back against all odds to the Caprivi Strip.

There remaining five Caprivians in Botswana's prison in place called Francis Town detention cen ... Click for more


I am flabbergasted with the fact that some people are saying there is peace and tranquillity in this country forgetting that we have Caprivians languishing in jail with long prison sentences, former Caprivi high treason detainees have not been compensated for their long incarceration.

Caprivians who fled persecution in 1998 are still in diaspora. Now that our brothers and sisters are being repatriated (forced deportation) against their will , ... Click for more

Response to press release by Ramakoka on deportation September 13, 2019
Response to press release by Ramakoka on deportation
By admin on September 13, 2019

This is a response to the press release on the deportation of former Namibian refugees in Botswana by the Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Defence , Justice and Security , Pearl Ramakoka on Sept 12, 2019.

We wish to clearly state here and now that children at the school were forced to leave their class at school by members of the Special support group extorting them . We should now understand ... Click for more

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